If you can’t already tell, we love wine and music. But, in addition to all the tasty bottles and tunes, we also love art. As we were busy setting up the shop (decorating and giving it some love) it hit us… why put up art that isn’t local? Sure, every big craft and home store has loads of “wine-y” stuff that we could hang in every nook and cranny, but we wanted to do something different. Why not support the artist community with our wall space? Better yet, why don’t we feature a different artist each month?

We think YES!

So here’s the plan: on the first Friday evening of every month, we will have an art-show featuring the work of that months artist! From 6-8, guests will sample two of our selected wines, listen to some of the artists favorite music (on vinyl, of course), and get to meet and greet with the artist as well. The pieces will stay displayed until the next art-show, and will be sold “silent auction” style throughout the month.

So having said all that, we are VERY excited to be introduce you to our very first artist, Carter Prine. You can look at some of his work, and read his story here. As a bit of a teaser, he has already hung up pieces in the shop for his show on the 12th (First Friday is being pushed back in June due to graduation weekend), so feel free to pop by and check them out. They are all truly amazing, and a work of, well… art.