Ever had an amazing wine while you were out at dinner, but later couldn’t seem to find it at the store? The reasons for this can be complex – or perplexing – but the main reason is this: supply and demand. Big retailers generally don’t waste their time bringing in a wine that has a small 250 case production. But the guys at the chef bistro? They fall all over themselves for it. The wine is unique. It has a story. It’s made by hand. All these reasons (and more) is what shapes a really great wine list in a restaurant. The same goes for the people running your local wine shop. They care WAY more about quality than trying to emulate the grocery store shelf that is packed full of wines made in the tens-of-thousands of cases. And it’s not just about case production numbers; they try not to stock wines that are full of additives, prefer naturally made wines, and simply… they ‘geek out’ over wines that have soul. Real soul. Al Green soul.

Here’s a quick 5 reasons to make friends with the local cork dorks:

1. They will learn your personal tastes and preferences.

Guessing – gone. Eenie meenie miney mo – done. Choosing just by the label – over.

2. You’ll be in-the-know for pop-up tastings and events.

Now, who doesn’t like a nice wine tasting? Want to meet the winemaker? Be on the list.

3. You can special-order wine with ease.

It’s a challenge for the big guys to bring in certain wines. If it’s not in their system (it won’t scan at their back door), it doesn’t make it in.

4.  You’ll find an evolving wine selection. 

Tired of seeing the same labels all the time? Most wines shops will get in 2-5 new wines every week! And talk about turning over inventory… they’re keepin’ it fresh!

5. Cork dorks (AKA Wine Stewards) can help you track down big bottles for big occasions!

Want to take a large format bottle to a party? Well, they’re out there, just waiting to be found. And the best part? They’ll even come to your house and help you pour it.