There’s nothing quite like the rush of finding a rare wine for the cellar, or getting your hands on a collectable record. Much like wine (obviously) in the vintage vinyl world, finding some wax that is still unopened will bring even more cash… AND greater bragging rights. I’ve had the privilege to be invited into some of the most amazing home wine cellars and seen some of the craziest vinyl record collections. Both take your breath away in the same way: floor to ceiling collections.

Maybe it’s this time of the year that is stirring up some nostalgic feelings, or maybe it’s how crazy the world is around us all, but I just have to ask the obvious question:

What good is wine that isn’t tasted and music that isn’t listened to?

A great philosopher said: “Tomorrow is promised to no one” -Clint Eastwood. Seriously though, there’s also an old proverb that says: “How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”

I know the feeling of really needing a special occasion to open that bottle in the back of the wine cooler, or the temporary heartbreak of peeling off the plastic wrap from some cool new music. But how many millionaires that we never heard about died having never drank the wines they so passionately collected? How many records have been left in pristine condition that never had the chance to get people dancing, or move someone with deep emotion that only music can?

Be brave today. Take the chance of opening a bottle “too soon”. Find out “1st-person” why a record is so sought after. Tomorrow isn’t promised so drink, dance, love, be alive today. You’re alive today, and today is all you have.