Whenever I happen to stumble upon a band that is doing it all themselves, AND has breathtaking music, I’m literally stopped in my tracks! Have you ever heard of the band Sucré? The word sucré means ‘sweet’ in French, and the band truly is a sweet reference back to the lead singer’s heritage. On her blog, the lead singer, Stacy, says, “My maiden name is DuPree so I wanted the name of my new project to reflect my ancient origins and my overall affection for everything French!”. You can definitely hear it in the music. It’s almost like a soundtrack to a movie of a couple walking the streets of Paris in love. I read on a blog about the band, “combining their talents, they create whimsical, dreamy symphonies with beautiful string arrangements. The songs literally sweep you off your feet and transport you to a meadow where you just want to spin around aimlessly.” Now don’t worry. I don’t re-enact The Sound of Music every time I hear something beautiful! The music is so fresh and simple, yet elegantly intricate. It’s daydreamy meets a caffeine buzz. Alternative meets polished. Sexy meets innocent. It’s the attention to the little details like recording a real string section. Sweet it is! You’ll fall in love, I promise. // sucreofficial.com