Your Glass Or Mine: Vino & Vinyl

Your Glass Or Mine: Vino & Vinyl

September 9, 2015

There’s this air of pretentiousness that looms over the wine industry. It can be a bit intimidating if you’re not an avid drinker. Heck, I’m a wine blogger and I get overwhelmed ALL THEE TIME trying to learn about all these different grape varietals, wine regions, and not to mention etiquette. #sheesh

But, as much as I’ve been trying to up my wine game, wine has and will always be about the experience for me. Some of my favorite memories have been hanging out with friends and laughing over a glass bottles of wine. Nobody is worried about the grape or vintage. We’re just having a great time! And that wine luhvers is the same laidback vibe you’ll find at Vino & Vinyl…just add some amazing tunes to the background.

The Concept

Vino & Vinyl is new wine and record store down in Missouri City, TX. Paul Killingsworth, owner and sommelier, felt there was a void in the Sugarland/Mo City wine community and wanted to open up a nearby store, so that the locals wouldn’t have to drive into the city to experience good wine. But wine wasn’t enough! A music buff, Paul decided to remix the traditional wine store idea and add music…vinyl records. Now, how genius is that? I mean who wouldn’t want to shop for wine and music (at the same damn time)?!?

The Wine

Every detail in the store, starting with the wine selection, is well thought out. Paul has taken great pride in selecting quality wines that you can’t find at your local H-E-B or Spec’s. You’ll find a variety of reds, whites, bubbly, as well as old and new world wines. Every Saturday, from 1 to 3 p.m. you can drop in for a tasting. Oh, and don’t worry about price point. Prices range as low as $10 to over $200 a bottle. So, you can definitely find something in your range. Stay tuned for reviews of some of the wines that I recently purchased 🙂

The Music

Even though, I don’t own a record player, I can still appreciate music on vinyl! Vino & Vinyl has everything from The Ramones to Justin Timberlake. Their collection is so diverse…just like their wine, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re like me and don’t own a record player, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting. Paul has an ear for music and is always playing something that will have you asking ‘who is that?’ On my first visit, he introduced me to Allen Stone whose voice and music speaks to every inch of my soul. Now, I’m a fan for life! #thankspaul

The Art of It All

Oh, and if wine and music weren’t enough, I almost forgot to mention the art. The first Friday of the month, Vinyl & Vino hosts a tasting (6-8 p.m.) to introduce its featured artist whose art will be displayed throughout the store for the month. During September, you can see abstract, watercolored styled paintings from Michael Vollmer.

Ty’s Takeaways…

I absolutely love visiting Vino & Vinyl!! Yes, they sell good wine and music, but honestly what keeps me making that 25-minute drive is the warmth I feel when I walk through the door. I’ve been four times in the last two months and each time I’m welcomed with a smile and a hug. I can hang out, listen to some really good music, chat about wine (or life) and have a good time. There’s no pressure to ever buy anything, but I always leave with bottles because the wine selection is that good. Vino & Vinyl proves that wine doesn’t have to be complex. Vino & Vinyl embodies that feel good wine experience that I hope to emulate with this blog as it grows. If you haven’t been, you should go and tell them Ty from YGOM sent you 🙂

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