Considering the current condition of the job market, you… YOU literally have endless opportunities that could be pursued. For you to be here on our page reading about this little “Mom & Pop Shop” called Vino & Vinyl, is an honor. Thank you.

Our business is really coming back since the pandemic and this has created job opportunities! We need team members with a vision to play a role in our mission. Instead of diving into titles and set tasks, we want to tell you a bit about us.

Vino & Vinyl “Supper Club” is just what it sounds like: wine, tunes, amazing food, unpretentious atmosphere. All of that at an affordable price. We want people to come every week, and a lot do. 

When we first started in Mo City (Missouri City, for all the new people to the area) in 2015, it was just a wine shop and record store mash-up. We would do little wine tasting parties and people would not leave. They basically demanded we grow to what we have become today. Now, we are a culinary-driven restaurant with a focus on small production wines in a fun atmosphere. We believe that just like chef-driven food with fresh ingredients and attention to detail makes a difference, that music played on records fills the room with vintage warmth. Like the Supper Clubs of the 1930’s, we offer high-class yet affordable meals in a social setting. We also support local artists on our walls and believe appreciating all forms of art makes an evening out that much more enjoyable. We are the small and the soulful… tour guides. We hope to create an atmosphere where people can have “ah-ha!” moments with food, wine, and music, so that no matter where they are on their path to discovery, they will feel at home, appreciated, and inspired. That’s us.  

At this point in time, V&V (AKA Vino & Vinyl) is a small 60 person restaurant (there is a medium sized patio in the front that will seat approximately 32 in addition) in the Sugar Land Town Square across from the Marriott Hotel, Baker’s Street Pub, and State Fare. That will give you a good idea of where we are. If and when you come over to apply, or simply check out the food and vibe. There is also a FREE 7 level parking garage behind the restaurant!

Here are all of the positions that are currently on our payroll: 

  • Dishwasher 
  • Host
  • Server Assistant
  • Cook
  • Sous Chef
  • Chef
  • Server/Bartender
  • Wine Steward/Sommelier/Beer Nerd/Craft Beer Expert
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager

Our hope is to promote from within, but everyone must start as host or dish (whether front or back of house), and grow from there. Want to be a server? You must learn all the other jobs in the front of the house first. Want to be a cook or a chef? The place to start is in the dish, proving your reliability and hustle. 

We know people come and go; there are seasons in everyone’s life. But if you’re motivated and want to work, any position in our company is possible for you to achieve! That could be in our Sugar Land, TX restaurant NOW, or as we grow in the future. There is opportunity for you. 

For us at Vino & Vinyl, we are here to serve our guests, and believe that opportunity must be met with hard work. That’s it. We do our best to cook and clean and give our best service, but our REAL job is to see needs and meet them. Is it a napkin that fell on the floor? Or a window that needs to be cleaned? Could it even be cleaning the restrooms? Yeah. The person that takes the initiative… that’s the person that we are looking for. When we go above and beyond in the way we serve our guests (no matter the position), we create real connections with people, and in turn… guests and friends for life.

So, what is the “opportunity for more than a check?” Well, do you have a passion for food service? Do you love food and great wines? Want a job where you can listen to cool music spun on vinyl every day? Would you like to build a career and grow with us? Looking for friendship and connection and not just to punch a clock for a paycheck? At Vino & Vinyl, we are a family (all the good and bad).   

If something jumps in you at the thought of working with us, please apply in person (times below). I, or one of our managers, would love the chance to have a conversation. 


Best of luck,


(Owner, Dishwasher, & everything in between)


Times to apply:

Tuesday-Thursday 3:00-5:00

Friday-Saturday 2:00-5:00