I know that everyone is jumping on the “dress” bandwagon. Blue & black? White & tan? My favorite meme of the whole last week, was a picture of a cute little white and tan dog, and it said something along the lines of, “I really need to take this black and blue dog home!”


I love sarcasm like this, and find it really intriguing how different people see things differently. Their own way. I know it’s obvious to say that everyone has their own preferences and tastes, but I think this whole dress argument got me thinking… some people really do prefer white wine. Some people love the way a huge cabernet dries their mouth out. Some people honestly love the sweetness in a Moscato. My wife would and will drink Pinot Noir for the rest of her life and be completely happy.

The challenge for people like me, is to stay open and approachable when it comes to other people’s taste preferences. Just because I love Shiraz for instance, doesn’t mean that everyone else should, or that they ever will, or even want to!

At Vino & Vinyl, we celebrate our differences and want to learn what you love. Are you getting bored with what you’ve been drinking over the last year, and want to start exploring? We would love to show you around. Be your tour guide. On the other hand, do you love what you drink so much that if you could afford it, you’d fill up a bath tub and take a bath in it? We want to go there with you… sorry, not the bath… taste the wines that get you going.

Do we see white or red? The answer is yes.