I think when the lights came on, was last week looking at Facebook. You know those moments when you agree so strongly with some random post, and then you go to look at the comments, and there are loads of negative responses? It’s such a wired experience – it’s like “what are these people thinking?” and “what kind of planet do I live on?”. Not quite an out-of-body-experience, but pretty close for sure.

I know it’s blatantly obvious (and possibly stupid to even say), but people are different. People have different opinions. Everyone views the world looking through their own multi-colored glasses, and it’s hard to relate on the outside. Take a Facebook fight for instance. Ever been in a back-and-forth over something (even if it’s in good fun), and no matter what side you’re on, it’s damn near impossible to convince the other side to even stop talking long enough to think rationally – or see your perspective?

It happens all the time.

Yesterday I had a musical “Pictionary” with one of my best friends. Remember Pictionary? That game we used to play before DVR? Well, I was showing him an album I had just discovered and was hoping he would hear all the intricacies I was hearing, and understand my excitement. He was seeing the idea of it all… but not really connecting with it. Sure, when it comes to music, we’ll go along to a show with a friend, or listen to a song, and try our hardest to understand the enthusiasm. But, we probably wont jam it the next time we go to the gym and jump on the row machine. Honestly, when does a friend get goosebumps when you show them a new band, or let them hear a song that… changed YOUR life? Hardly ever. And why? What’s the reason?

We’re divergent; we tend to be different and develop in different directions.

And this got me thinking… this relates to wine as much as it does to music.

What i’m coming to terms with is this: regardless of how I think my tastebuds have Jedi Knight skills (joking), or if I think that I am the center of the universe and all the best music revolves around me (joking again), there will always be someone who thinks I’m crazy, and flat out will think the complete opposite. That’s why I believe the rating system for wine is so nuts. It’s one guy’s opinion! We all have different mouths than him and my friend has different ears than me. I’ve had different life experiences that led me down a certain path. So have you. What would be insane for me to say is this: “if you don’t agree with what I love, you don’t know anything”. This is completely wrong. Ludicrous actually. That’s exactly why there are a kazillion bands and a kazillion different wines in the world. Different strokes for different folks. I guess, all I can do is let you taste. All I can do is let you listen…

Remember this: when it comes to what you really like, YOU are the ultimate authority.