For quite a while now there has been a certain vagueness surrounding the concept of Vino & Vinyl. We never had the intent to keep everyone in the dark or in some weird way, frustrate our followers. But somehow, amidst the fuzzy beginnings, we have gained support. Thank you for that! When we kicked it off last year, we wanted to start with education and share our “loves” with you, and that’s it!

So here ya go… people like either wine or music, and sometimes… sorry… usually LOVE both. And that’s what we’re doing; we’re creating a space where people can feel comfortable to grow in their admiration, appreciation, and love of all things wine and music. Here is our best effort to simply spell out who we are, what we are really up to, and tell you EXACTLY what Vino & Vinyl is:

We are opening a small retail shop in the Township Square of Missouri City.

Our main focus is (and will be) finding and offering small, hand-made, family-owned wines that the big retailers pass up on. The big package stores (you can fill in the blank) generally stock wines that are made in the hundreds of thousands of cases to be able to meet national demands. These wines (as a general rule) are not hand made, organic, or sustainably grown. In Vino & Vinyl, we will have a few wines that you recognize, but our goal will be to not compete with the big guys. It’s impossible anyways… What we will have, are really cool and hard-to-find wines that are made with soul, passion, art, and most importantly… wines that we think taste AMAZING. Not about scores. Not about brands with a gazzilion dollars of marketing behind them. Wines that have given us goosebumps. Wines that we can’t shut up about. Wines that we want to share with you.

In the shop, we’ll be playing our favorite music on record. Yep, we’re gonna play music on a record player. And that’s where the vinyl comes in. We think that some of the best music never sees a second on the radio. We’ll have a small selection of new and used records to sell on top of the wine. Nothing like the big record stores in Houston, just a sampling of our favorite bands. Music we want to share with you.

While you shop, you can taste our featured wine of the day. It’s gonna be a different wine every day, and might even be brown-paper-bagged. We feel like coming to a new wine with zero preconceived notions, leads to a mind-blowing experience. We think it’s fun. We will also showcase a different artists artwork around the shop – art gallery style – and have an art show at the end of each month. It’s like a dream to us… wine, music, art? Yeah baby…

Some of the other stuff we are going to do is offer a 3-tiered wine club, where we can take advantage of SUPER small production stuff, and get it in your hands. Shoppers will be able to buy some cool retail stuff too like glassware, record players, and weird stuff like a Coravin’s. We’re even going to do wine education classes, occasional meet-and-greet’s with winemakers, large semi-annual parking lot tastings, and special tastings every Saturday of 4-6 wines!

Whether it’s wine or records, we will be able to special order anything we don’t have for you. An honest to goodness merchant service. The way it works with the big guys, is that if they don’t have a wine in their system, they usually can’t get it for you. We will have zero restrictions like that. Even if it means getting a single bottle, is no big deal for us.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. We are hoping to open May 1, so get ready! Vino & Vinyl is going to bring a brand new experience when it comes to discovering new wine and new music to spice up your life! Please share with your friends in the Sugar Land area, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us until we get to meet you. See you soon!