I was born in 1976. Yes, it’s old to some of my younger friends and my two year old, but a little pup to others. Being a Gen-X’er, I haven’t really connected with some of the new indie music out there, being wedged between the Millinials and 90’s rock. I feel out of the “know” sometimes as I walk into a record store in the Heights. I may know a “handful” of artists out of a thousand selections. This new generation of indie music is really fighting against the overly-digital world, and they hate the manipulation of auto-tune, to the point that they will sing out of tune on purpose to prove that it was all done naturally. I know this is kind of a gross generalization, but what I have observed. In the middle of this style and production tug-a-war, I’ve kept looking for something to grab me, and out of nowhere a band poked its head above the rest and really delivered some tasty tunes. So, let me introduce The Preatures. Sydney Australia natives, guitarist Jack Moffit and bassist Tom Champion were friends in high school and were attending the Australian Institute of Music when they met lead singer Isabella “Izzi” Manfredi. The three recruited singer/guitarist Gideon Bensen and drummer Luke Davison to form an uber-talented band and blaze down a road paved by the likes of Haim, Feist, Fleetwood Mac, Pretenders, The Strokes, and even some dirty distant Joan Jett. One of the coolest parts of their story is that in the middle of touring the United States, they recorded their full length LP in Texas. “As luck would have it, their first pick for producer, Jim Eno, (best known as the drummer of Texas rockers, Spoon) was available. So they packed a suitcase of half-formed songs and headed to his Public Hi Fi studio in Austin.” (thepreatures.com) Raw, funky, pop-y, groovy, ambient, and tight, all smashed into one, the raw funk/psychedelic beats and grooves are almost mesmerizing. It’s “friendly, upbeat, danceable; the type of album you’d listen to cruising down a freeway.” (theguardian.com) After my 10th time blazing though the whole thing, I’ve concluded that it is seriously addictive. // thepreatures.com