If you’re possibly looking for new music suggestions this month, you should listen (and give an honest chance) to the latest album by Washed Out called Paracosm. Especially since the weather is about to turn a corner! The best way I could describe it is this: just imagine if Pink Floyd were to experiment with electronica after listening to some Bob Marley and the Beatles. Sounds crazy right? It is deliciously beautiful, entrancing, seductive, and captivating. An international sound!

Ernest Greene, the lead singer and heart of the band, started writing and recording and producing songs in his bedroom studio. It wasn’t too soon after posting his work on social media that DJ’s and influential music bloggers started buzzing about it and the rest is history – from the opening musical sequence on the TV series, Portlandia, to worldwide tours on the independent electronica and indie pop circuits. The style of Washed Out has been identified with Chillwave, which has also been described as ‘summer music’, “…often characterized by their heavy use of effects processing, synthesizers, looping, sampling, and heavily filtered vocals with simple melodic lines.” (wikipedia.org) But don’t get the wrong idea, Ernest Greene is a genius the way he sneaks in an occasional acoustic guitar and drum kit. // washedout.net