It seems like theres a “Day” for everything. On national Ice Cream Day, we begrudgingly succumb to the pressure of eating ice cream. It sucks, and I hate it. But, I’m willing to sacrifice for the greater good. (Let me give a shout out to Mocha Almond Fudge!) There’s a Pizza Day, Coffee, Craft Beer, and tons of other ingestible Days (so to speak). There’s also World Water Day, Small Business Day, and even a Star Wars Day. There are tons.

2007 marks the year Record Store Day (AKA: RSD) was founded. Like many other awareness days, RSD is an annual event and falls on the 3rd Saturday in April. It came to be by a few forward-thinking people, who brainstormed up a way to build support for independently owned LP record stores. Many record labels and artists “press” limited-release records just to be sold on RSD. Celebrities do special appearances across the country, sign autographs, and connect with fans in a bit of an old-school way. If you love music, and especially vinyl, this is your day!

Today is Record Store Day, and we missed being able to participate by just a couple short weeks. But don’t fear! We’re gonna have a party or two (or five) once we open! All of our records are already in, our brand new Audio-Technica record players are on the way, and my bro-in-law Josh and I are busy building the vinyl rack and storage. You’re gonna love it! Even if it’s been years since you’ve looked through the shelves of a record store, as you listen to some really tasty tunes fill the air, we’re ready to reintroduce you.