From the beginning, art has been the foundation of everything we’ve done at Vino & Vinyl. From using recycled materials in our designs of seating areas to wine displays, we’ve tried taking a creative approach. We’re bringing you true artisan winemaking, which is an art in itself. The music we play is part of the “number one consumed art forms” since… forever. And then there’s the artists themselves. What better way for us to foster an environment for art than to clear a stage for them to display their work.

Our first artist in 2015, was Carter Prine ( Amidst the “wow!” factor that his art brought to our little wine shop, people didn’t realize that Carter was in the beginning stages of starting up his own branding agency, right here in the Fort Bend area. When our founder, Paul first had the idea for Vino & Vinyl, Carter was the first person he went to. He had already seen some of his earlier genius work with logo’s, and knew it would be a perfect fit. Carter has a way of taking someones dream and passion and shaping an image to encapsulate the heart, vision, and brand. Carter says, “Symbols are a tool for assigning meaning to complex ideas. The best symbols aren’t necessarily the most descriptive, but the most memorable. Our goal when we create a logo is to communicate the DNA of your company in a clean, clear and concise way; to visually capture the essence of your business in a memorable way that resonates with your target market.” It’s true… the moment Carter showed us his first mock-up of the wine bottle/record player, we didn’t change a thing and we started wearing it around town, and this was about 6 months before we had even opened for business! People would see the brand on the t-shirt, and ask, “Where is this place? I’ve got to go there!” It was crazy. The logo quickly developed into a blog site that evolved into what is today.

So here we are, over 2 years later, and Carter is coming back with a fresh set of paintings to showcase during the first month of our new Sugar Land location. Carter says, “The set is a tribute to the Beatles, but with a twist. Every piece is painted in tiny squares to replicate the idea of a pixel. Even images with the highest resolution – when you zoom in enough – is still pixelated.” And they are simply mind-blowing! Carter said there was an entire year of his life, after coming out of a dark chapter, that all he listened to was The Beatles. “Hearing their deeper messages of struggle, love, and experimentation really shaped me. It shaped my art. It shaped the way I see the world… This set is really an homage to them, and hopefully will speak to the many people who see them… it will be hard to let them go.”

At Vino & Vinyl, we hope that the art community will see us not only as supporters to the arts – in a greater sense – but as a haven. A safe place to open up and let people see the pieces that have been poured into. So, this Thursday, March 9th, at our new Sugar Land location, Carter will be unveiling the entire work of his “A Tribute to the Beatles.” Doors open at 4, and the show is from 6-8 where Carter will be letting us play some of his favorite tracks from none other than, The Beatles. If you love art, love The Beatles, or just simply want to connect with Carter and learn more about what he does, this is a “not-to-miss”!

All the art on display at Vino & Vinyl is for sale, and is available for pick up at the end of each month. For future inquiries on our art program, or to submit work to be considered for display at one of our locations, please email us at .