Houston Press: Missouri City Shop Courts Customers’ Love of Vino & Vinyl

Houston Press: Missouri City Shop Courts Customers’ Love of Vino & Vinyl

June 17, 2015

Remember the first time you tasted your favorite bottle of wine? Now, think back to the first time you listened to your all-time favorite album. Discoveries like these are rare in our lives. Whether the depth of flavor at the bottom of a bottle or the excitement you feel when the static hum of a record turns to sound, these experiences are something to be appreciated — and, more importantly, shared.

Paul Killingsworth’s new shop in Missouri City, Vino & Vinyl, is here to make you do just that. His philosophy is all about discovery; he wants to help his patrons experience new music, rare wines and local art. Nothing about his mantra is meant to be elitist or pretentious — his shop is simply here to spread the love.

vinovinyl_june16-3Nestled in the Township Square shopping center, Vino & Vinyl is a hidden gem. Upon entering the store, customers immediately hear the clear, crisp sounds of vinyl spinning on quality audio-technica turntables — a gadget the store actually sells. Killingsworth hopes to share his passion for music with all who enter by playing lesser-known artists whose tracks never receive radio play. It’s the opposite of the hipster mentality often associated with lovers of wine and music. In no sense is he a snob; in fact, Killingsworth is hoping to eradicate that label from connoisseurs of vinyl and vino as he shares the unique bottles and bands he’s grown to love.

Within the shop are more than 300 bottles, of all different varieties and origin. Whether you are looking for a seductive red or a relaxing white, Killingsworth wants to introduce his patrons to wines that aren’t found in local stores like H-E-B and Spec’s — you know, the little guys —because he has mad love for all things indie. Indie-pop and indie-rock especially, but you’ll hear all kinds of genres of music at his store; the albums are up for purchase too. Vino & Vinyl offers a handpicked selection of new and used records as well as high-end turntables, wine glasses, and groovy merchandise. Likewise, every month the shop features a local artist’s work on its walls, available for purchase by bidding via silent auction at the counter. On the first Friday evening of each month, guests can sample two selected wines from 6-8 p.m. and meet that month’s featured artist.

vinovinyl_june16-1Currently, Sugar Land artist Carter Prine’s action-impressionist paintings cover the shop’s walls. His art’s vibrancy matches the taste of the Californian Mayacamas Cabernet Sauvignon that Killingsworth recommended. Although Vino & Vinyl is still building its selection of records for sale, it’s already stocked with favorites like Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. In discussing music and wine with Paul, I realized he’s someone I can continuously come to for new suggestions in the future. Whether you are new to wine or a sommelier, Vino & Vinyl has a relaxing and welcome atmosphere with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. You really can’t go wrong.

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