“Really? Food from a truck?” I’m sure that conversation happened a million times before people realized what was really happening. Here was the final question: “Why does a chef need the confinement of a restaurant?”

Here’s my question: “Why does wine always have to have a perfect wine glass?”

I’m not gonna lie, at first I was offended when 3 cans of wine walked in the wine shop. I immediately went searching my office drawers for my wine certification pin so I could cast out the demons of blasphemy.

Then I tasted it.

Then I took it home.

Then I drank a rosé at our pool.

“Crud… this stuff is good” I thought as I was pre-playing conversations in my head with people comparing it to box wine. “I’m screwed.”

But the truth is, it’s not at all like box wine. Why? Well for one, there’s no plastic involved, and two, the juice is super tasty. Honestly, it’s just like the craft beer movement, if you think about it. A lot of breweries are going “can-only” because of three main motivators: 1. freshness, 2. it can be drunk (or is it drank?) in sensitive areas, and 3, it has less of a carbon footprint. Aluminum is the easiest recyclable material out there.

For us, it’s all about the freshness. It’s freaking delicious.

I’m sure many of you are thinking we’re off our rocker, but just wait until next summer when they start hitting the grocery stores… actually, don’t wait. Be like the cool people eating at the food trucks before it was cool.