I’m so excited to be able to tell you about Andrew Belle! As an Illinois native, he got his start as a singer-songwriter having quite a few hit songs on primetime TV such as Grey’s Anatomy and many others. I remember exactly how I found him – almost 4 years ago. I was looking around iTunes for some new music and he was a featured artist on “New Music Tuesday”. As soon as I listened through the sampling of the first song, I downloaded the whole album. I instantly fell in love with his voice and the intricacies of his music; the melodies, harmonies, and instrumentation were delicious. The way he used the piano and real strings over an almost simplified and calculated acoustic guitar-driven band was amazing! That was his debut full-length album The Ladder. Fast forward to three years later, and I found myself listening to something I wasn’t expecting – Black Bear (his sophomore release). It was a crazy experience for me; it was that same voice and melodies that got stuck in my head, yet this time, it was more electronic and little darker. Now, I’m not talking about dance music here. I’m talking about slow and sexy beats, ambient electric guitars, and vintage synthesizers. He said this about his evolution, “I didn’t want to be stuck in that niche of being just a singer-songwriter, which sort of conjures up ideas of an acoustic guitar and a white kid singing a song. It’s very stereotypical… I wanted to make music like they [Beach House, and others] were making.” So, if you’re looking for some music that can make a date night out (or a night in) amazing and full of some really groovy, positive energy, this is it! I’ve got Black Bear on vinyl, but you’ll have to download The Ladder until he re-releases it! // andrewbelle.com