As a kid I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder. I loved the energy, the passion, the funkiness. I think everyone has appreciated his music in some form or fashion – regardless if you are a lover of Soul music or not. It’s almost a universal sound. My musical journey has had many twists and turns, with love/hate relationships with every style out there. I went to college on a full-ride piano scholarship, and eventually got rebellious and started playing bass and guitar. My mother is a professional harpist, and my younger brother an incredible drummer. Music has always been my life – that is, until the wine bug bit me! Last year I had a musical revival. I had an awakening. I got excited about music again. Not the radio bull that get’s pumped out all day long. The real stuff. The stuff not made on a laptop. I heard this 23-year-old white boy with long, red, curly hair, dorky pop-bottle-glasses, from Washington state. I closed my eyes and it sounded like Stevie. It got my heart pounding. I couldn’t stand still. His name is Allen Stone, and here I am a year later, and I can honestly say, he is the Stevie Wonder of our generation. USA Today called him a “pitch-perfect powerhouse”. The Los Angeles Times wrote about his self-titled second album: “ ‘Allen Stone won over critics for his retro-soul vibe. His lyrics recall the days of Wonder and Marvin Gaye, artists who sang more about what was going on in the world, and a little less about what’s happening in their bedroom.”  He’s everywhere (iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc.), and yet, he’s still the best kept secret in music today. Please, check him out. His new album is releasing soon! //

Check out one of my favorite songs of his: