Monthly Archives: December 2014

Sugar Land native, David Ramirez

The last time I heard David play was at a very solemn gathering. Singing at a funeral is no easy task, I know. But, the grace and poise with which David sang will stick with me for the rest of […]

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Billecart-Salmon Champagne (and the difference between show-ers and growers)

There is this word called ‘maladroit’. It means simply – awkward. Tactless. Brash, possibly? Before I gave it some thought, I was about to proclaim (as my opening statement, mind you), “Champagne isn’t just a special occasion wine!”. And then […]

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When it comes to what you really like, YOU are the ultimate authority.

I think when the lights came on, was last week looking at Facebook. You know those moments when you agree so strongly with some random post, and then you go to look at the comments, and there are loads of […]

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